There are five types of Membership available and an extension benefit for unemployed APICS members as well as our proud military reservists. Please click on the appropriate link below to download the proper membership application.

Professional Membership Application

Grow your career and your company by becoming a professional APICS member.  Click on the link to review the many benefits.

Group or Enterprise Memberships

Group or enterprise membership enables organizations worldwide to provide APICS' business learning opportunities, membership benefits, and professional development tools to a broad spectrum of their employees in a structured, cost effective manner.

Student Membership Brochure and Application

This membership is available to those pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university and engaged in the study of resource management or related fields. Note: Students receive a reduced membership rate.

Retired Membership

Individuals who have reached the age of 62, retired from formal employment, and been APICS chapter members for a minimum of five years are eligible for this membership classification upon approval by their chapters. Retired members receive the monthly magazine, discounts on programs and materials, and 50% off society dues.

Unemployed Membership Extension

If you are an unemployed APICS member whose membership is coming up for renewal and you are actively seeking work within the production and  inventory management field, you may apply for an extension of membership benefits through the Unemployed Membership Extension Program.

Military Reservist Benefit Extension

See link detailing APICS membership benefit extension for Military Reservists.