Manager Traffic

Viega, LLC

Responsible for managing traffic employees, performing performance evaluations and addressing performance issues; implementing and maintaining policies and procedures; negotiating and maintaining corporate freight contracts; managing and monitoring freight costs; managing and continuously improving the intersite replenishment performance; maintaining NAFTA Certificate of Origin processes; maintaining and updating international shipping procedures for import and export compliance; analyzing and updating metrics; provides reports as needed.

Manage, select, train, motivate, review, coach, develop and retain a high performance team.
Conduct timely and accurate employee performance evaluations; address performance issues as needed.
Implement, and maintain policies, procedures and intra-departmental communications; maintain managerial relationships by encouraging and providing a timely, two-way flow of information between subordinates, management, and user groups.

Traffic and Intersite
Negotiate and maintain corporate freight contracts to ensure best optimal transit, service and pricing for all freight, including SPS, LTL and TL shipments; maintain optimal carriers for all distribution centers; review and renegotiate contracts as necessary to minimize costs and maximize the quality of shipments to our customers.
Manage freight costs and activities for all warehouse locations.
Review freight costs and bills to verify contract compliance and accuracy of billing; follow-up with discrepancies.
Review, monitor, analyze and improve intersite shipment activity in order to maximize the ability to deliver to our customers.
Maintain NAFTA Certificate of Origin process; oversee the accuracy and status of NAFTA certification as required by customs.
Maintain and update international documents and shipping procedures to ensure import and export compliance.
Coordinate international shipments; ensure proper documentation, timely deliveries and receipt through Customs.
Develop and implement process improvements to improve customer service levels and reduce supply chain costs.
Conduct periodic audits to determine areas of improvement for both the carrier and our distribution centers.

Reporting and Metrics
Analyze customer, region, product group, carrier and location to ensure customer service is satisfactory; identify areas of decreasing profitability.
Develop and audit carrier scorecard to identify and compare pricing, service, quality, performance and other related issues or problems.
Maintain Traffic Dashboard in order to update and maintain various metrics to ensure goals and objectives are obtained.
Review shipment activities including but not limited to checking rates, transit time, etc. to determine if proper carrier was used.

Provide reporting to various personnel as required.